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musiclost's Journal

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MUSICLOST is friends only. If you'd like to be added, leave a comment. Just don't forget to add me first!

Musiclost is a Asian mp3 rotation jounral. You'll find mostly jpop/jrock with the occasional cpop or krock song. On a rare occasion I'll put up Russian or German music. I put up about a half dozen songs every Friday. Occaionally I'll put up a second update on Monday or Tuesday. If you have a request from my playlist, feel free to let me know!

1. Please comment if you take a song
2. I'm using yousendit to make the songs available to you. Therefore, if the Mp3s go down ahead of schedule, feel free to IM me or comment and bitch about it. I'll fix it.
3. These Mp3s are for sampling purposes only. Please delete them after 24 hours (yeah right, like that's going to happen). Support the artist by buying their CDs.
4. The majority of what you see here will be jpop and jrock. Occasionally I'll post Chinese music, Korean music, German music, Russian music, anime msuic, and anything else that comes into my head. One thing I will not post is American music. Sorry to get your hopes up.

I also keep a personal jounral under the name _fakewings_

Want to find more great music? Check out the following music LJs

Here's a nice looking website that does translations.
Calypso's Isle

If anyone has a music LJ or a website that is related to Asian music/Asian culture and they want to be an affiliate, leave a comment!
adam pascal, ai otsuka, akino arai, ambient, angela chang, anime music, art-school, asian kung-fu generation, avex, aya, ayaka hirahara, ayumi hamasaki, boa, bonnie pink, broadway, buck-tick, bump of chicken, changin my life, chara, cherry filter, chihiro onitsuka, classical, classical music, cocco, common rotation, core of soul, cpop, crock, day after tomrrow, dir en grey, do as infinity, downloading music, dream, e. nomine, e.s. posthumus, evanescence, every little thing, f.i.r., fake?, faye wong, fish leong, fra-foa, freenote, gackt, garnet crow, globe, go!go!7188, hayashi asuca, hitomi, hitomi yaida, hyde, jang nara, janne da arc, joe hisaishi, jolin tsai, jpop, jrock, judy and mary, kagrra, karen mok, kelly chen, koda kumi, kokia, kotoko, kpop, krock, l'arc~en~ciel, lee soo young, lena park, linkin park, luna sea, maaya sakamoto, mai kuraki, maki yano, michelle branch, mika nakashima, miyavi, miz, moi dix mois, music, musicals, namie amuro, nana kitade, nanase aikawa, naruto music, neoclassical, nichya, no doubt, noodles, okui masami, olivia, olivia lufkin, onitsuka chihiro, origa, osts, p'unk~en~ciel, pierrot, pop, porno grafitti, punk, r&b, rin', rock, rurutia, sambomaster, sayaka, see-saw, shena ringo, shibasaki kou, shiina ringo, singer songer, singing, sonim, soundtracks, stefanie sun, sun yan zi, techno, the brilliant green, the eccentric opera, the pillows, tm revolution, tokyo jihen, tomiko van, tommy february6, tommy heavenly6, trance, tsukiko amano, twelve girls band, utada, utada hikaru, voice actors, wang fei, world music, x-japan, xiang xiang, yellow generation, yoko kanno, youjeen, yui, yuki kajiura, yumi nakashima, yuna kim, yuu, zard, zhang shao han, zone, zwei